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Press On Complete Electrolyte Supplement Pills High Absorption | Salt Electrolytes

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COMPLEX ELECTROLYTE PILLS FORMULATION | Surpass all active minerals in other electrolyte tablets formulas on the market | Overcome them through Chromium for blood sugar level support and weight management, Manganese for proper metabolism & for promoting healthy ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles | Highest bioavailability formulation with Vitamin D & B6 for best absorption of Calcium and Magnesium and Zinc for effective enzyme activity | NON-GMO | 100% NATURAL |

Scroll down the page for all available PROMOTIONS on this product | EASY TO TAKE ELECTROLYTE CAPSULES | 11 POWERFUL synergic electrolytes trace minerals and vitamins | clean & transparent label | as efficient as powders, packets or drops, but without the drinking or mixing harsh tasting | an easy and convenient way to take | easy to swallow and tasteless salt tablets | NO sugar, NO sweeteners.3

TRAIN HARDER | HYDRATE | RECOVER | Marathon Running Cycling Hiking Racing Triathlon | Magnesium Potassium Chloride Calcium Sodium Phosphorus | advanced blend of electrolytes to sustain endurance | hydration & replacement salt tabs after intense sweating | aid muscle contraction during and after sport exercise and stop leg cramps |

ELECTROLYTES KETO FRIENDLY for men & women | highly effective keto electrolyte supplements to replenish minerals lost in low carb and ketogenic diets | fasting support KETO vitamins | NO carbs | KETO approved salt pills

Electrolyte Pills made with natural, non-GMO and gluten free ingredients, produced in an inspected & approved facility that follows all GMP standards

An inspected and approved facility with all GMP certifications gives you the ethical traceability of ingredients from sourcing to testing and blending to encapsulation, being true to label, with the right potency

“On the go” formula – Easy to take with you, a convenient way of using

10 electrolytes, minerals and vitamins, which our bodies need to replenish when they are lost for various reasons

Calcium & Sodium assist in optimal muscle and nerve function; Magnesium prevents cramps; Phosphorus helps growth and repair of body cells and tissues; Potassium regulates muscle contractions and cardiac function; Chloride supports osmotic pressure; Manganese & Chromium stimulate energy metabolism; Zinc, Vitamins B6 & D improve bioavailability / absorption of electrolytes and minerals

Train harder, hydrate properly for a faster recovery! Premium grade salt tablets electrolyte to sustain endurance!

Those who have an intense physical activity should take this supplement to replenish minerals & electrolytes lost through sweat.