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Organic Brazilian Green Propolis with Honey in Spray pack with 2 Bottles

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  • Nice flavor, as you can drop directly mouth.
  • Use suggestion: Drop directly into mouth or throat.
  • Packages: Spray Glass Flasks containing 35 ml of extract each.
  • Do not leave the conventional treatment indicated by the physician. If allergic reactions occur, consume must be terminated.
  • Ingredients: Propolis Extract (which includes "GREEN" Propolis in its composition), Honey and Distilled Water.


MN Própolis Organic Spray BR Green puts together the antioxidant properties of honey and propolis, has a pleasant taste, it is easy to use and great for keeping up with your day-to-day life. It is composed of organic ingredients and has certification both for the Brazilian market (BR), and for the European common market (CE) and North American market (USDA).